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Mother Nature Therapy



In Mother Nature Therapy written by Mr. Hu Xilong, there are altogether eight chapters:

Mother Nature Energy Therapy (including Sun Therapy, Moon Therapy, Blue Sky Therapy, High Mountain Therapy, Land Therapy, Sea Therapy, Lake Therapy, Waterfall Therapy, Warm Spring Therapy, Forest Therapy, Tall Tree Therapy, Fragrance Therapy), Mother Nature Traditional Chinese Massage Therapy, Mother Nature Acupoint Therapy, Mother Nature Channel and Collateral Therapy, Mother Nature Bionic Therapy, Mother Nature Anti-Cancer Taijiquan, Mother Nature Breathing Therapy, and Mother Nature Weight-Reducing Therapy in Stationary Postures. These eight chapters illustrate the eight major approaches in Mother Nature Therapy to adjust human physical and mental conditions and to restore and improve health. In order to have a better understanding of the theories and emphasis in Mother Nature Therapy, the following article is recommended to readers and practitioners:

Preface to Mother Nature Therapy

                                                            –Asking for Health from Mother Nature

When the manuscript version of Doctor Hu Xilong’s book Mother Nature Therapy was brought to me and after I have read it from the beginning to the end, “rather refreshing” is the impression it left on my mind.

In recent years, writings related to methods of exercises and health preservation have been on the increase, which reflects the great number of readers caring more about the improvement of life quality, and this is a phenomenon rather gratifying.

This book Mother Nature Therapy lays emphasis on guiding people to preserve their health and build up their body in good environment in Mother Nature. It tells people to improve their health condition by using the energy of Mother Nature, and this is something rather unique.

Mother Nature Therapy has made new attempts and new contributions in such aspects as advancing and enriching excellent tradition of the Chinese nation, in promoting modern health preservation culture, particularly in excavating the essence of “the concept of humans and heaven (referring to nature) as one holistic entity” in order to meet people’s need of good health in modern society. I summarize Doctor Hu’s Mother Nature Therapy in one sentence: Asking for Health from Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is the habitat of human beings’ ancestors. It is also the foundation on which human beings rely for existence. However, with the development of modern science and technology, with the speeding of the rhythm of social life, people find that human body and heart are farther and farther away from Mother Nature and that the distance from good health is getting bigger.

I believe that human beings who come from Mother Nature can find health by going back to nature. It is only when humans are back to nature that they can better explore the origin of human life. The conception of “humans and heaven are one” put forward by ancient Chinese philosophers is the great summarization of the interrelationship between humans and Mother Nature. Here “heaven” can be understood as Mother Nature. It is only through practice and revelation with certain methods that humans can make their heart and body unify and identify with Mother Nature, that they can truly comply with laws of nature and achieve good effects of health enhancement and health preservation.

Laotse pointed out in Chapter 25 in Dao De Jing, “People follow the example of the earth; the earth follows the example of the sky; the sky follows the example of Dao, and Dao follows the example of the state of natural being (or existence).” Laotse regarded the sky, earth and humans as the natural existences unified in Dao. He said, “There is something merged as a whole, born before the sky and the earth. Silent and void, it is independent and unchanging. Permeating and circulating in all, it is never exhausted. It can be the mother of the universe. Its name I do not know. So I formally call it Dao” (Chapter 25). That is to say, Dao represents nature. It is the general term of the natural existences such as the sky, earth and humans when they merge in a special state. From this we can know that health enhancement and health preservation are in fact the exploration of the nature of life, and they will ultimately refer to the methods and means to attain healthy life from nature. Some experts doing biological and physical research believe that there are physical fields and physical energy in all existences. These fields can directly have effects on the biological field and energy of human beings. As for these principles in natural science, I have not done much research. Yet from the statement of Chinese ancient philosophy and health preservation, it can be known that between all other existences (Mother Nature being included) and human beings, there is a certain relationship that demands further research. Doctor Hu’s Mother Nature Therapy derives theoretically from the same origin of “harmony between humans and heaven (universe)”. As for the specific methods of Mother Nature Therapy, they differ from some other methods hard for learners to grasp. The methods in Mother Nature Therapy are easy to understand and convenient for practice.

In fact, humans are under the influence of the sunlight, air, water and climate in Mother Nature all the time. I think many people have such kind of experiences: For example, they feel both physically and spiritually relaxed and joyful seeing blooming flowers and smelling their fragrance. All the irritation is gone and they return to peacefulness when walking into the courtyard at night and looking into the beautiful moonlight. Some objects and things in Mother Nature can really make some subtle changes happen in our human body. Mother Nature Therapy allows us to be away from the pollution, noise, tension and pressure in urban life and to go to big forests, vast seaside, to the green mountains and clear rivers, to the embrace of the good environment with fresh air in Mother Nature. The good effects of health enhancement and health preservation using Mother Nature Therapy can well be imagined.

Doctor Hu was born into a family dedicated to the learning and practice of traditional Chinese medicine. The book Mother Nature Therapy written by him has used traditional Chinese medicine as a source of reference in many aspects. As we know, in TCM theories, the life philosophy that “Human life is the most precious; it is more precious than a great deal of gold” is reflected. In TCM, the idea of curing diseases before they are formed is emphasized, that is, prevention of disease is more important than curing disease, and health preservation is being done before one gets old. In TCM, holistic conceptions of harmony between humans and universe and the whole entity of human body and spirit are prized. In TCM, there also exist the conceptions of balance between yin and yang and the constant motion between liveliness and stillness. In Doctor Hu’s book, all the theories mentioned above have been applied and closely associated with specific Mother Nature Therapeutic Methods, and this benefits readers a lot. Through reading the eight chapters in the book, readers can not only deepen their understanding of Chinese medical theories, but, what is more important, can also grasp the scientific practice methods so that they can have better health and can feel the joy of healthy life. I believe that Doctor Hu’s book Mother Nature Therapy will be a great help to the great number of fans of health preservation.

In modern western medical system, there is the currently popular natural therapy, which is also very effective, in addition to traditional western medicine therapy. However, as far as I know, “natural therapy” in the common sense, does not include all the content in this Mother Nature Therapy. Though they share some common points, there are also fundamental differences between them. In China, there is, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine, also western medicine.

From the revelation of health preservation in medical science, we can see that the developmental direction of human beings’ culture will be the perfect combination of eastern culture and western culture on the basis of their respective radiant development. Doctor Hu’s book Mother Nature Therapy reminds me of the point that, in the area of health-enhancement and health-preservation culture, efforts devoted persistently to this direction will possibly find the best way for human beings’ health preservation and health enhancement.

Doctor Hu said, “Although Mother Nature Therapy has attained some achievements in practice, it is after all something newly born and needs further improvement.” Nevertheless, let me offer my best wishes that Doctor Hu’s book Mother Nature Therapy will bring blessing of healthy life to more people.


Professor and Director of Institute of Chinese Thoughts and Culture in Northwest University

Professor in Humanity College of Tsinghua University

Zhang Qizhi

Mar, 2009

Tsinghua University


Prof. Zhang Qizhi is a famous historian, educator and a scholar of history of thought. He has engaged himself in the study of history of thought, history of philosophy and cultural quality education in China for a very long time. He was the president of Northwest University from April in 1985 to August in 1991 and is now honorary president of Northwest University.